About Us

Our company is a family owned enterprise, founded in 1996 to manufacture and repair hydraulic punching machines.

There are currently two locations 80 km from Budapest, near to motorway E71 (M3) in Gyöngyöshalász.

Our investments and developments have been achieved from own resources.
Milestones: 2010 - Construction of a new plant, equipment purchase

Adapting the market dictated conditions, we could manage to improve and expand our product range with new products as follows:

  • 1998. Production of hydraulic components to German
  • 2000. Production of truck accessories mainly to Belgium
  • 2003. Production of stainless (INOX) parts for the sugar industry, mainly to Franc
  • 2008. Production of conveyors and other storage related parts and equipment to Belgium.


We design and produce special tools and equipment for the automotive industry in France, Belgium and Hungary from the beginning.

We export 95% of our products to West Europe.

Our firm's features are quick response for the quotations, the high quality products, the reasonable price and short term production.

We also fulfill special orders from planning to production, in any areas of the industry.


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